Future of Artificial Intelligence and matter of the Heart

Flashback to 2017

Last night was the third time I heard Mr Chow Yen-lu, SOG’s senior advisor, delivered his favorite speech “Future of Artificial Intelligence and matter of the Heart”. I was still moved by his passion and dedication he put in each word of his speech, emphasizing Love, Heart and Compassion. As a pioneer in AI technology in the early 1990 and angel investor in start-ups for a decade, he put himself in front of technologists, entrepreneurs and innovators, using scientific evidence and ancient wisdom, to advocate for the matter of the Heart.

To many people, LOVE is a nice thing to have, but survival is more important. I often hear in the conversation with others, that “Yah, I like your concept, it is nice to hear, but the reality out there is cruel, you know, people will not trust your work just based on love alone.”. However, in my journey with SOG up till now, I have become much more convinced that LOVE is not only a nice thing to have, but it is a NECESSITY, a MUST HAVE in the future of AI, for LOVE brings about the inspiration we need for actions, for LOVE connects us to the infinite source of creativity within ourselves, for LOVE attracts the right people to walk the journey together. At the quantum physic level, LOVE is the energy that enables growth, fulfillment and healing. Within our body, it switches on the very DNAs that unleash the giant within.

However, it is hard for many of us to take a leap of faith to exercise the choice of LOVE, when we grow up and live in a culture bombarded with FEAR. For me, the journey of stepping into the unknown rooted from the love for my children and my students, I wanted to explore another way to live life, I wanted to explore human potential, I wanted to explore what it meant by making the choice of LOVE. The journey was beautiful when I get to work with beautiful and loving people who make their choice anchored on LOVE. It also presented me with many opportunities to practice self-LOVE, detaching my self-worth from external conditions.

Being totally convinced about why we need LOVE in the future of AI, the quest for me now is how to help people connect to LOVE and COMPASSION, how to help them access their inner voice and vision, how to support them overcoming their fear and taking a step of faith into the unknown. The work as a curriculum weaver in SOG offers me a chance to do that with our purpose driven ecosystem. If you ask me what should be an outcome from SOG’s experience, I would wish to plant a seed of LOVE in every participant, a LOVE for oneself, a LOVE for humanity and a LOVE for Earth. If these LOVEs are nurtured continuously, taking the choice of LOVE is inevitable one day. When that day comes, here we are, with SOG’s community, we would want to give you support in taking the leap of faith into the unknown.

I am writing this to invite each and everyone who resonates with LOVE, to be an advocate for LOVE. Speak about LOVE, choose LOVE inspired actions, nurture LOVE in yourself and in others under your care, you can help to make this world a better place.

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