Trust, the key to abundance in the world of 4.0

I left my comfort zone of a highly paid job with fast track promotion into the world of social entrepreneurship, to follow the call of my heart to do something about education. I did not realize how much the world has changed and was so alienated to me, shocking me with new vocabularies, the speed of change and the fear of not being able to survive in it.

Today, 16 months after my income became zero to take the risk, abundance starts to come our way. I looked back and reflected on the key element that has brought me this far: Trust.

The trust in my heart’s calling:

I could not resist this calling. It woke me up at night. It poured down dream and visions in my mind. It pulled me to the direction that I saw no horizon. It had a plan, a greater plan for me that I didn’t know of until much later. When you walked through uncertainty, you could only see why you had to walk this path after it was over.

The trust in the process:

The moment I submitted my resignation letter, our team had 10 people getting excited to work with each other. Several months later, only 2 of us continued to devote our full-time to build the dream that we so believed in, even when we were not clear what that dream was. Disappointment, rejection got thrown along the path, moments of self-doubt came without warnings. Yet, we continued watering the seed that we plant, even when we saw no leaf sprouting above the ground.

The trust between human:

Something which seemed so random could suddenly turn into the greatest leverage to spring off progress. I met these wonderful and like-minded young people from Teach for Vietnam. I didn’t know that the time I spent with them for fun turned into the trusted partnership many months later on at the organizational level. The trust in human relationship with TFV and many other Vietnam partners not only created lever to my progress, but also brought abundance of knowledge, opportunities and finance to my life.

In this increasingly networked society, trust is the guiding compass and the key to abundance. When trust can bring you access to a whole new level of social, intellectual and probably financial capital, human values are the most important asset that people need to cultivate since young to build trust.

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