Courage again!

Calm, Compassion, Courage, Curiosity, Commitment and Collaboration… I have spent one and a half year, thinking, dreaming, wondering, writing, analyzing, developing 6C until we finally launched Future Creator Camp in August 2018. It has been a journey of real test to my 6C. And I thought, at last, 6C would take its own baby steps to touch the lives of others.

Little did I expect, this 6C baby did not only touch the lives of the camp participants, but also grew the camp organizer into a stronger me. There were times it gently patted me on my shoulders to tell me “self-compassion, don’t be too hard on yourself”. There were times, it pulled me to the right direction I was supposed to go with a little nudge “Come on, be brave, you gotta do something about it”.

6.30pm before the final day of the camp, I noticed a team who were not making any progress. No consensus was achieved on what to do. The team members showed little interest in trying to work together. Perhaps, they had tried hard without results in the past 4 days. I tried to pass the situation off. I tried to close my eyes and ignored, telling myself “There is nothing I could do about it”. However, 6C knew me well, it knew my fear. It knew that I cared but I was not confident that I could resolve the situation. Every time I passed by the team, 6C would nudge at me “Come on, do something”. Eventually, I chose courage. I decided to do something, without knowing what to do, seriously.

But it turned out to be the best story that I treasured so much, the most fulfilling things that I have done throughout the camp.

I sat the team down and listened to each member’s perspectives, thoughts and emotions. Everybody had an opportunity to talk to a neutral party. I realized that every member had their own rights to feel frustrated “They didn’t understand what I am trying to do”, “I try to simplify his idea to something doable”, “I don’t understand his idea, I felt I am a burden since I am too young”, “perhaps mixing a 12 year old with a 17 year old is a bad idea”. Ah, reframe! Reframe!, the 6C baby was jumping with excitement! After listening to the 17 year old member on why he thought mixing 12 year old with a 17 year old was a bad idea, I asked him a question “ Right now you see your 12 yo team member as a liability, how can you view her as your asset?”. He said “It is impossible. I don’t see in any way that she could be an asset”. “Just suspend your thoughts and take time to think about it tonight, the solution will come to you”, I replied.

The next morning, this pair of 17 and 12 yo sat down together and had a long chat about what only God can know. Then, the team came together, worked on the prototype and finished in time for the afternoon presentation.

At the circle reflection, to my surprise, they were the first team who spoke about their “treasure”. The 17 yo started “ During the entire camp, I always thought that my 12yo team member was a liability. I felt so frustrated. Last night, I spent the entire night to think about how I could see her as an asset in my team. Finally I found the answer. She could be seen as a user for my solution. No matter how great I think my idea is, if I could not make her, my potential user, to understand, I might as well pack and go home”

I was so proud of myself, seriously! I was so proud of him, for being able to learn reframing at the age of 17. I was so proud of her, despite being young, who was so strong, resilient, patient and willing to try again with the team. Thank you, Vivian and Bach for giving me an opportunity to grow my 6C, and thank you for making my own best story of the camp.

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