An apprentice's growth journey with School of Gumption

Day 3 (07.01): The first day of the apprentice experience My first working day with SoG

My first task is to write down about my learning plan in 3 weeks based on 5-whys model that I can keep for myself or share with my mentors to sketch out the purpose to be here and how I can make it.

Secondly, I am supposed to dig deeper into the essence of School of Gumption ranging from why & what 6C values, the learning philosophy & outcome, the roadmap to cultivate gumption. I read this core materials about the school previously but got little idea about their work since the concepts and values are somehow so broad and overlapping to some extent. But through my mentor’s training & detailed explanation about the origin and creation of 36 attributes of 6C along with my certain experience in my living & gap year time, today did enlighten my understanding about the insights of School of Gumption. Specifically, my related experience was in a way that I engaged in a Psychological and Social innovation course plus some social activities exposed me to Theory U and design thinking which partly set a strong ground for 6C.

It is true that to work on something, the first and foremost act is to understand the whole purpose and philosophy of the organization, particularly of a social enterprise focusing on 4.0 education. Then I was delivered 2 main tasks through 3 weeks including translating English brochures for potential Vietnamese customers and creating a Vietnamese website based on the official English version. These duties require much more relevant skills before simply posting something on the website for example researching the expectation of parents (Compassion) thus I aspire to immediately rock the challenge (Courage). In the afternoon, I got the opportunity to observe the meeting of 3 core leaders of SoG that stroke me continuous questions (Curiosity) and the process of organizing information in my head. I admired their collaboration, calmness and commitment. They questioned about myriad aspects of their partners’ mindset whether they share same goals with SoG to figure out the concrete plan for the future. They kept calm to work through the long and brain-hacking meeting (for me) that ended up settling specific actions for individuals to take next. Finally, whoever are their partners must be aligned to SoG’s 6C and vision. At the moment, I am ready for the next challenges to officially take action by devoting all my best to completing the tasks and make the most of the time I have in Singapore to learn from my 3 amazing mentors. The moment I knew Hai Yen, the co-founder of SoG, I was eager to meet her and grew stronger interest in education innovation, an essential solution to many education issues in Vietnam’s current educational system that I had to suffer all of my studying years. For the last 3 days with her, not only did I learn at the co-working space, but I also learn from every single moment talking with her. She gave me a strong sense of belief and appreciation in the sense that I trust her authentic feelings, guidance and experience, I appreciate all of her care and her helping me to realize my inner space into the awareness of unconditional self-love.

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