6C and collective leadership for systemic transformation

April 10 2016, I wrote an article about Changing the world by transforming life through education.

July 01 2017, I left Ministry of Education to co-found School of Gumption, to rethink the purpose of education.

October 06 2018, we received this email from one Brazilian business leader, who had recently participated in our 3-hour workshop on “Collective leadership for a transformative Brazil” for 35 CEOs.

Good morning, Trekkers.

How have post trip landings been? I believe that we all come back from the journey in Singapore with many ideas and willingness to make happen, and especially to make a difference in our country, contributing even with small steps and initiatives.

In particular, I was very much touched by the dynamics we practice at the School of Gumption. The conclusion of most groups is that "we need to engage our hands and minds and dedicate time / engage in improving the country's education."

It was in this spirit that I spent the last few weeks to understand what is being done by the Private Initiative and the Third Sector to improve education in Brazil. So I met the PROA Institute and became a volunteer with the goal of helping the organization to develop and meet more and more students.

The PROA, led by Rodrigo Dib, has existed for ten years, and helps young people with few opportunities to earn their first job and become the owners of their own lives. The work is based on and inspired by the principles of education adopted in the transformation of Singapore that both charmed us.

PROA also has an application that combines culture, technology, education and fun, in which points are accumulated that can be exchanged for rewards, very similar to Multiplus. Editora Globo already participates in donating magazine subscriptions, Impacta College offers online courses of Adobe tools. All the products that integrate young people with education, culture and personal development are welcome, from a movie ticket to a vocational course.

If you allow me, I would like to present the project to each one individually and together we think of a form of collaboration. This is a volunteer job and my only mission is to introduce them to the project.

I believe that regardless of the outcome of next Sunday's elections, or of the political scenario that consolidates, each of us can do a little and help to promote the transformation of the Country that we so desire.

A hug.

Choosing to change

Over a month, we receive requests on 6C program curation by among the largest corporate from Ireland, Dubai, TedX Singapore, SkillFuture and involved in two national-level ground-up initiatives on Education in Singapore and Vietnam.

I wouldn’t know that a thought in April 2016 can have a ripple effect to Brazil in 2018, when I decided to heed the calling of my heart. But it is not about me. It is about millions of change makers out there, no matter where they come from, have decided to heed the calling of their heart to do something about education, to do something to make this world a better place.

This world can really become a better place, if each of us makes a choice to do something about it.

We are just one step away from change.

And that step, is choosing to change.

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