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(VIETNAM 360 Degree)

AVES (Vietnam 360 Degree) is a series of 8 half-day online webinars offering Singapore youth a holistic view of Vietnam, one of the fastest-growing economies in the world. The participants will explore Social-cultural, Technological, Economical, Entrepreneurial and Political (STEEP) aspects of Vietnam. At the end of the programme, they will work as a team to produce a creative summary of their learning in video form.

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(VIETNAM Market Research)

AVES (Vietnam Market Research) is a 6-week learning journey, offering Singapore youth an in-depth analysis of Vietnam, one of the fastest-growing economies in the world. Through conducting market research for a business client, the participants will work with Vietnamese students, mentored by a market research expert and relevant industrial mentors to gain a deep understanding of consumer behaviors and market potential for various industries in Vietnam.


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Systemic Innovation Foundation Programme

Systemic Innovation Foundation Programme is a 3-day programme offering youths key concepts and practices in the field of systemic problem-solving. The participants will be exposed to real-world complex issues and learn to identify the interrelationship between multi-stakeholders. They will then apply impact gap analysis to identify possible value creation opportunities and leverage on collective resources to contribute to a bigger picture of systemic change.

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Lean canvas


Lean Canvas (1-2-10) is a 3-day programme expose youths to the concepts and practices of key elements in Lean Business Model Canvas. Participants develop a deep understanding of Lean Canvas through the analysis of existing business case studies (x1), develop incremental improvement (x2) and exponential transformation (x10) suggestions to the current business model. This process helps learners stretch their thinking while leveraging collective resources and technology to push the boundary of innovation.



6C Gumption Leadership

6C Gumption Leadership is a 3-day signature programme, nurturing in youths the emotional, social, and creative intelligence through the School of Gumption's Leadership framework. 6Cs empower individuals to collectively design sustainable solutions for their desired future through deep personal mastery and navigating complexities of the 21st century, building trusting relationships with others and developing a new organizational culture that encourages making changes and taking risks.