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    Past and current projects

    • Megatrends and Future of Education
    • STEM in Singapore: system-wide implementation of educational initiatives
    • STEM Global STEM Alliance Framework
    • Curriculum framework, training and lesson materials for STEM Center
    • Educational philosophy, pedagogy and curriculum development towards 21CC skills for General Education, University
    • Curriculum framework, systemic and sustainable implementation for Entrepreneurship Education

    Past and current projects

    • Design thinking for educator
    • Collective leadership for systemic transformation
    • Creative teaching and learning Social and emotional learning in schools
    • STEM and research based pedagogy training

    Past and current projects

    • STEM licensing program from Singapore
    • Design thinking and social innovation
    • Future ready skills
  • Testimonials

    I was very much touched by the dynamics
    we practice at the School of Gumption. The conclusion
    of most groups is that "we need to engage our hands
    and minds and dedicate time / engage in improving the
    country's education." It was in this spirit that I spent the last few weeks to understand what is being done by the Private Initiative and the Third Sector to improve education in Brazil. So I met the PROA Institute and became a volunteer with
    the goal of helping the organization to develop and meet
    more and more students.

    Tatiana Oddone Costantini, Lawyer

    Today I have learnt so much about facilitating a co-creating process, where everyone is so engaged emotionally and we could put on the table what we really feel from the inside out.
    Do Hong Thuan, Learning and Development Officer, Teach for Vietnam

    My internship is not only about working time-consuming task as the usual internship trend nowadays, it's beyond work and education to me.


    They teach me love.

    Love is always there. Love is always around us. Why we have to seek love from someone or somewhere? The government love them so much that they create such great infrastructure and everything for Singaporeans. Love is about mutual understanding and listening regardless of different characters. Love is about generative dialogues and collaborative creation for collective growth. Love is blended in the daily exposure to a love culture.


    Nguyen Than Thuy Linh, intern of SoG

    I feel grateful that I had an opportunity to interact with you along with the others and realized how personal connections with people changed the way we think and operate in our lives. It made me and the others believe how we stood for a greater purpose in life and how both our mind and heart should function together in order to give the best results. The culmination of hard work, human generosity, curiosity, willingness and determination have made it possible for us to make this conference happen and we aim to get better as our journey goes on in life in any capacity anywhere in this world.

    Your views on education remind us how we have a long journey ahead in terms of learning and how we can be humble in each step of the way. I am happy I could contribute in any way further possible. We sincerely thank you for all the help, care, assistance and love you have provided to us youngsters and we couldn't ask for more. And yes, we do look forward to have more meaningful discussions in the future.

    Shobhan Krishan Mishra, Executive Director, IMUN​

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