• Limitless Collaboration

  • For our trusted clients

    We share your passion for education and we seek to understand your pain and constraints that slow you down from achieving your aspiration for your students.

    Who: If you are a public, private or non-profit educational entity (K12, Universities, education policy makers, enrichment centers, etc.) , we are here to support you towards your vision.


    Our investment in you: Understanding your constraints, we invest our resources to learn and curate for you latest methodologies in systemic educational transformation, educator training and learning experience design. We build, connect and bring to you a network of quality educational solution providers, sponsors and supporters that suits your needs.


    Your investment in us: Entrepreneurship is our deliberate choice for collective impact in transforming education. The financial investment that you put in to our service holds us accountable to our commitment for delivering quality educational solutions, at the same time; create a strong incentive for you to extract maximum value from our products. We take pride in the market validation for value we bring to our clients. We uphold your trust in us with utmost commitment.

    For valued sponsors

    It takes a village to raise a child and it takes the collective voices of employers to transform societal mindsets on education.

    Who: If you are an organization (governmental, business, non-profit) that is passionate about education, we are seeking your valuable sponsorship to give wings to collective transformation effort.


    Our investment in you: We invest our time to understand the human resource need and brand aspiration. We bring you a channel for your authentic care and concern on social impact to reach out to the young generation, enhancing their motivation to join your brand with a purpose. We believe your sponsorship will nurture a generation of workforce with right skills, right mindsets and attitudes that eventually contribute to your business success. Education transformation will give youth the opportunities to explore their passion, make an informed career choice and therefore, unleash the untapped intrinsic motivation for life-long learning to be your future quality human resource.


    Your investment in us:

    For quality solution partners

    You are the experts in your field and we are here to bring your impact wider and deeper into education.

    Who: If you have been working on inspiring education solutions related to the following 4 domains: Entrepreneurship, Technology, cross-border collaboration (overseas learning journey) and educational technology, we would like to invite you to be our solution partners to build sustainable impact together.


    Our investment in you: We invest in you our time and educational expertise, so that you can develop meaningful solutions that meet your clients’ educational learning outcomes. We recommend your quality services to our network of high-profile educational key decision makers to advance the collective impact further. We work with schools and teachers to integrate your solutions into existing practices through consultancy, customization and capacity building, so that change can happen in a meaningful and sustainable way.


    Your investment in us: What we would ask from you is a commitment to build win-win partnership, maintain trust within the network and a willingness to learn, improve your product and services to ensure continuous future collaboration.

    For much appreciated supporters​

    Every ocean is made up by billions of single drops of water. Every beach is made up by billions of single grains of sand. Every collective impact is made up by billions of single acts of contribution.

    Who: Every individual, parent, educator, working professionals, youth (15 years old and above), adult who wishes to build collective impact to transform education. We appreciate every single contribution, no matter how simple, no matter how long, no matter how often.


    Our investment in you: we invest our time to coach, mentor youth and expose our volunteers to various experiences to expand their horizon and perspectives about life, education and systemic transformation methodologies. By spending your time to volunteer and support our initiatives, we get to know your passion, strengths and expertise better, so that when there are chances arise, we can connect you with a suitable opportunity within our network for you to advance your growth and interest. If you are capable in our field of work, there might be a possibility for us to work with you on the project based engagement in the future.


    Your investment in us: we ask for your commitment to turn up, learn and contribute to the best of your ability in what you can offer. The more you are willing to learn, the more we can support you in your growth and development. The higher quality of your work, the higher chances we would engage or recommend you to a future working opportunity in our network.

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