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The law of attraction of nature

Nguyen Than Thuy Linh

· gumption

1. At the end of the translating task, what would I earn?

The meaning of translating besides converting the languages is to amplify the ability of using languages and be Compassionate with the readers to read the context of their life. Otherwise, simply transforming an English sentence into a Vietnamese one is almost of no challenge. Meanwhile, the process of turning an only 8-page English brochure into my mother tongue langue is more or less a stormy journey within the variety of vocabulary and the “overlap” or “lack” of meaning itself as well as the unfit mindset of the writer and the readers.

To improve myself, don’t rush to the dictionary to translate first but be Calm to try all the way out to stimulate my brain. One essential skill to effectively rock the translation in the least time is to make use of all the available resources when it’s out of my ability to do the work. The skill is to be Curious to think how I can figure it out and who to ask for help in the way that I know for sure there might be some useful suggestions. As the last straw in the stuck case, be Courageous to ask my mentor for her Collaboration since asking is important but should be in proper time.

2. How to make the best of the current learning & experience opportunity?

The answer includes all 6C of Gumption and some of my personal mastery skills.

I am on the way to be a Curious learner, a Calm listener, a Collaborative intern, a Compassionate Vietnamese girl, a Courageous doer, and a Committed dreamer. The 6C, from my perspective, seems to be both a powerful tool and vision to empower and connect myself with my desired future.

The usually efficient way of leading myself and engaging in the experience is to listen to my heart and others empathetically then observe what’s going on to feel, reflect and live the moment. Today, I got to know the thinking that as we aspire to do something, the whole universe will give us signal to help us (based on The Alchemist) which strengthens my belief in the solutions to every problem and the journey to realize my dream. The realization is likely to be the answer to this question in the sense that to make the most of this opportunity, the natural law of attraction of the universe will help me to get it through, of course together with my effort.

3. What do I miss in terms of understanding about School of Gumption? _ To be continued and engaged…

4. Steven Asked if I am enjoying myself, how do you, Liu Yan & Hai Yen enjoy yourself?

_ I asked these 5 questions at the beginning of today and naturally found out the sound answer to them is a true way of enjoying myself. I focused on my task with the aim to complete it by my best capacity and sometimes communicate with my mentors in a caring, positive and constructive way.

_ I Calmly listened to Hai Yen most of the time with her because I feel she appreciates me as a truthful listener so that she could confide deep sharing to me. So far, the most enjoying experience to me has been our conversations no matter where we are or whatever topics we discuss. She helped me understand the culture of School of Gumption that is to authentically experience and embrace 6C together with working on 6C with the learners. Therefore, I am getting used to using the language of Gumption, a good signal of digesting the new lessons and immersing in a belonging & holistic environment.

- The way my mentors enjoy themselves are to be posted later.

5. Have you ever worried about the "spontaneous" schedules of your work (as a start-up) that are not arranged/seen before in a way that you move forward by creating the timeline yourself? How to be settled down in mind to think about a future we will go though it is still far away and uncertain or just think the current is now the future?

"The only thing is that my heart want to do. The dots connecting their vision appear one by one"

It is not because of the vision statement that enthusiasts come but the emotional connection to the vision that we drive towards a desired future. The desire and connection propels everyone taking the first step to change and embrace the sense of collective leadership. Ask your heart if it aspires to do before writing down a vision statement.

(The power of vision_Hai Yen)

Finishing my first translating task, I am wandering through some blogs of Future Creator and School of Gumption, I caught the post called “the power of vision” that has also been wandering in my head (the fifth question of today). Somehow, Hai Yen’s authentic thoughts unlocked my quest about the uncertain of future. I might have not had a specific roadmap or a compass but I am in love with my vision and my heart tells me to keep moving forward. At the end of the day, uncertainty is clarified in Theory U, mentioning the Emerging future that truly challenges ourselves. The uncertain feeling evokes nervousness and Curiosity, especially requires Calmness and Courage to head towards that emerging future.


And a bunch of meaningful lessons gained from talking with Hai Yen were sketched down in my notebook.

I have never been such patient and passionate just about reading and write in both English and Vietnamese through the whole evening from 10 pm till 2pm now. I am so fulfilled at the moment and appreciate today and SoG as always!

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