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Intrinsic motivation conquers whatever challenges

Nguyen Than Thuy Linh

· wisdom,motivation

"True wisdom comes to each of us when we realize how little we understand about life, ourselves, and the world around us."


My messy corner at the end of the day

1. My mindset about creativity

When it came to the word “design” several 2 years ago, personally, it aroused the fear and admiration in my mind. The first thought was that designing was the job of creative and organized people when I did not consider my creativity to fit the designing task, It naturally grew the fear to work on creative things and the impression at those who master that skill.

Gradually, I read many definitions and perspectives about creativity to define what it is and see whether it exists in my context. It turns out to be a natural and potential value underlying in each individual but can be wasted if we do not know how to unlock and make use of it. Creativity takes place around us on a daily basis that we do not realize and appreciate the simple act and underestimate our ability. I am not gonna tell the philosophy about creativity but indicate my new challenging task today is to design a recruitment process for experimental SoG’s program. I believe the duty as an opportunity to unlock & boost my Creativity, Curiosity, and Compassion though I do not have any professional background or qualification about designing.

4 hours settling down and applying the User-centric approach & 5Ws model to build a draft, my day finished in a satisfying and positive mood. I am looking forward to receiving feedback about my shortcomings & my strengths!

2. The ways my mentors enjoy their life are different and educational!

“For me, enjoying means my mind is free, unhindered, totally free to immerse myself into what I'm doing - whether it is pleasure, work or simple task at hand or a conversation. The mind is at peace and present to absorb those moments and happening. 😊 Good morning and enjoy your day!” Said Steven, the most brilliant, generous, and caring man ever known.

Liu Yan enjoys her life by laughing at herself. She does not take serious work seriously so that she can enjoy every moment of working. She has a lot of fear but she will do “it” anyway. Eventually, she laughs at her fear easily and enjoys herself. Liu Yan told a story when she faced the most embarrassing moment ever in front of thousands of people that ended up some of her funny gestures and laughing at her fear.

My impression was at her mastery storytelling skill about an authentic story, body language and strong energy which all gave me an enjoying energy listening to Liu Yan. Especially, immediately at the beginning of her arrival, Liu Yan told me “We could spend 30 minutes later talking about my question”, her care and respect towards me touched my heart and motivated me to try my best and be more Curious.

From Hai Yen’s perspective, the most enjoying factor is growth. In the book DRIVE of Daniel Pink, she learnt 3 most powerful elements to generate our motivation in life are Purpose, Autonomy, and Growth. The package emphasizes the meaning of purpose as a compass to move forward effectively on the condition that individuals must have the freedom of being creative and self-directed in order to grow. Hai Yen finds her sense of enjoyment when her team grows together throughout dialogues & Collaboration.

To reflect, as my own way to enjoy myself that is to find the self-satisfaction and meaning of act is different from her interesting view, “growth” has become something motivating me instead of the sole purpose.

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