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Inclination to listen to myriad words

Nguyen Than Thuy Linh

· Aware,Allow,Assess,Alter

My day started by the warm smile of Hai Yen that was the first signal of a great day, as always! She kindly complimented on my Vietnamese writing yesterday which leads to some thoughts to write a story about “people” and “opportunity”.

My inexpressible gratitude towards Steven, Liu Yan & Hai Yen’s spending time caring about me and celebrating my 20th birthday.

Throughout the day, my ears opened but did not in the mood of responding to my mentors’ stories. I observed, listened and reflected on my own space. It’s true that Hai Yen told me not necessarily to write day by day while the importance is the readiness and the right mood of expression.

There are 2 most impressive lessons remained in my head.

- The only way to solve problems is to get started solving it. Otherwise, problems will never get away. This dot was pointed in the book “The Road Less Travelled” then somehow put into discussion today without my mention. Hai Yen does not really believe in the ideology of doing meditation as how can all of negative emotions disappear if we do not think about them. Her holistic solution consists of 4A: Aware, Allow, Assess & Alter. The longer we keep our emotions, the longer they stay. Observing and feeling them is good but not effective enough to tackle the issues. Aware about our own emotions happening, Allow natural emotions to come & exists as the gift of life, assess their meanings to our life if they are negative and positive, and alter them with some solutions for the better! (My personal interpretation)

- How powerful the energy of family relationships affects our daily emotions. After several days spent with family, today Liu Yan seems to be her true self and in a best mood ever with serial emotional sharing today. She has advanced the ability to feel others’ energy spreading into herself when being with her cosy house with full of family members. How could be so tired without talking to anyone else?


I am always attracted to her way of expression, accompanied with funny gestures, body language, facial expression… and especially the kind attitudes and conversations with me. All of 3 never look down on me as a young person with senses of care, empathy & joy so that I do not want to leave them for a moment. All small pieces of stories ranging from work to personal life always drive me into engagement and appreciation.



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