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Gumption inside uncertainty and wandering

Nguyen Than Thuy Linh

· Confidence,Heart-listening,Vision

“You do not to change the world or anyone to make you become a more important person, because you have your own values as the way you always are.”

- Liu Yan -

Cycling around SG is such a joyful and healthy activity that get me started with a nice day. I got a dream with mixture of emotions and alongside some messages as my guess. I told Hai Yen about the unhappy signal in the dream if it predicts something negative upcoming. In a sense, the signal was sent to be by some spirit or the universe to motivate this girl to be stronger and must make something happen.

2 days ago, I was excited for the Book Club event that is to meet people who have interest in Theory U, the heart of School of Gumption. I was in a ready mood to come and meet new people to gain more insights into the theory and see how I really understand it. Eventually, my mind almost ran out of energy and focus for this event after 4 continuous meetings though most of the time I played the role of an observer. But my brain needs time to download and process information within a certain capacity.

I listened to my physical body and my mental condition in the way that I felt the unwillingness to go and the distraction in mind to absorb anymore conversations. I said “I wanna go home with you”. “Ok, go home and have dinner”. A short response of Hai Yen slowed down the messy flow of thoughts across my body.

Along the way, she kept thinking about plan how to get support from Singapore Government and Science Center and tri-sector collaboration in Vietnam to really re-design eco-system of education in this potential country. She came up with some interesting ideas when thinking at her valuable network, an interface of 2 countries, which has the possibility of opening a positive cooperation with SoG.


The last meeting ended and squeezed her head and strengthened her mind to think sharply and bigger into the scope of work.


From my observation, big partners inspect 2 key points regarding their investment into the partnership. This includes the outcomes of the programs/ projects and the follow-up activities of the beneficiaries. At the end of the day, how impacts can continue being spread back to their community? The end of the training programs does not equal the end of the impact-driven process.


“You articulated the hunger of a promising market but hunger does not confirm any concrete outcome” _said the partner. As I feel they know what they want, SoG’s perception is that many public sectors ran away from taking risk for change and accepting the purview of themselves that should be in charge by every single unit of the whole system.


The situation reminds me of the saying:

“You have a good intention, but I don’t want to take what you see”.




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