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Embrace my shortcomings of organizational skillset

Nguyen Than Thuy Linh

· Decision-making,Humble

1. The difficulty in measuring the level of importance

Today Steven read my blog and he gave me a personal advice to attend an advanced English writing course that did leave me a thought. Why?

For him, using languages are not only about learning vocabulary or grammar but training human the ability to analyze and think critically. I might have already overcome the first barrier of language, there might be a need to expose myself into a more advanced level to master the real language. Hai Yen said, when it comes to listening to other’s perspective, receive their feedback & consider whether their ideas meet our need to take action depends on our self-reflection. No matter how smart or judgmental that person is, I am the only person that knows what to do.

Then our conversation moves me to my question today “How to consider the priority of tasks to do?” For Hai Yen, now, it’s more about her intuition. But at my current phase, I have been struggling with frequent inner crisis to be lost in thoughts about the next step or long-term plan of my life. Intuition is a spiritual legacy and those who have strong belief in intuition must have been through uncountable ups & downs.

2. Overcome procrastination

“What to do when we can’t finish the to-do-list today, then delay it to other days?”

There are two options if we have to do the stuff anyway. Of course, there are many reasons for our procrastination ranging from motivation, gratification, or laziness, etc. Steven taught me 2 specific solutions with a mindset focusing on action & outcomes of action.

First, just start doing it. The best way to work it out is to start spending time on it as a responsibility.

Second, let others’ do that. This society requires us to live by depending others, otherwise, we cannot survive. For example, there is an app for freelancers called “FIVERR” that offers different services where you can post any tasks for interested people to do then for sure it costs you money. Asking is a key to find out solution showing that at least you have the curiosity towards something. (As Steve Job’s saying).

3. Intention leads to attention

- Hai Yen’s intention to try & fail first then attract like-minded people at the right time.

I asked Hai Yen “How come you found out the law of attraction of nature?”

It began during her teaching experience in Secondary school, one day, she got a strong aspiration to do experiment on students about subconsciousness- a state that she hadn’t known yet. Shortly after 15 minutes, she realized how magical her words & intention were in a way that all students totally changed their behaviors and appearance. The she wanted to do more tests for other classes and ask for permission from her manager and many other leaders but got rejected. Probably the destiny and her readiness at that moment did not meet the right people & opportunity. Then she was recommend the book “Secret” that connects her to “Think big & Grow rich”, a starting point of the law of attraction.

Only when really being exposed to real attraction to something from the universe can we understand this miraculously spiritual law!

- My intention to ask for help got attention & ever-detailed guidance of Steven.

Steven read the recruiting paper and critically offered space for me to think. Honestly, I guess my product was of worst-professionalism ever designed by a young & wild girl, but at least with good intention. It is a challenge for me to put visual description into the process to clarify who are our target people and express the specific requirements for different positions.

Steven is a diligent, caring & organized person that I can’t not express my affection to him into words.

“Your words are clumsy”- The best feedback I have ever received! As I have never got any constructive advice for my English skills as I design a self-directed learning pathway in terms of English on my own- in 5 years. This sentence will be a remarkable feedback in my mind to move on better.

- My intention to write authentic blogs with an intention claim the commitment of myself about my decision-making & plans. (Secret)

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