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Digital Transformations: From Threat to Opportunity

Vincent Groenestege (17 yrs)

Digital Transformations: From Threat to Opportunity


The transformations seen by the current generation is source to a spectrum of never-before-seen, unprecedented problems. The advancements of Artificial Intelligence shadowed by the ever growing prominence of automation, is source to large public anxiety and unrest. In an age of such uncertainty, where expansive progressions in technological prowess is the norm and the next big thing is just around the corner, one thing is for certain. Where the need for us as individuals to adapt and change our mindsets to embrace and advance ourselves in collaboration with these societal changes. Preparing and adapting the newer generations to the incoming societal changes is crucial for an effective and ambitious future. However, this process of preparing the generation requires a non-uniform style of education, one that focuses primarily on developing skills of leadership and creativity. This non-conformist style education will be the backbone on which the newer generation depends on.


So what? How do we achieve this? How do we prepare the newer generation for these changes?


European, Canadian, Australian education systems have already realised the importance in adapting their education systems towards developing new skills in their students, implementing systems which encourage the personal development of key characteristics in their students. Preparing them for the unique challenges for the newer generations. This is an aspect of education that Asian Educations lacks and falls behind on. Where Asian educational systems are focused on textbook and systematic teaching, European systems focus on garnering experience. This is where programs like Future Creator come in to play, with their focus on the 6C educational system, Future Creator strengthens participants in their adaptability to the threats of digital transformations, utilising these transformations for innovative progress. This change in perspective on the digital transformations is crucial for those who seek success in a changing market.

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