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Dialogue with time for an intention

Nguyen Than Thuy Linh

· Observation,Empathy,Nostagia

1. Intention to seed & nurture ideas in a potential market

All of my big boss are so passionate and excited about the welcoming market in Vietnam. As a future of technology will soon raise the high demand for skills and weapons of human that can control robots. The exponential changes require the adaptability and readiness for complex problems to come, while the current education curriculum seems unable to meet the need of such humble learners in a fast-flourishing country.

School of Gumption was born for this reason. At the moment, SoG are eager to attract a lot of like-minded partners to collaborate and bring amazing programs to Vietnam that I have never had the chance to learn before.

I feel the huge attempts and multiple experiment on solutions and program-designing journey are reaching the harvesting phase. Yesterday, Hai Yen taught me her belief in the saying “What goes around comes around”. The deep meaning is when we almost lose everything but still have a sense of generosity to help people, we will end up receiving the more generous help from others. This is clearly in this case of SoG, once SoG can sense the willing attitudes of many passionate Vietnamese educators for education 4.0 and the hunger of young people for a more sustainable future, opportunities just come!

It is truly worth their long time spent to commit to SoG’s vision and not giving up in any harsh time: no human resource, no workplace, no financial force or products,...! A strong intention acts as a powerful weapon to leverage on the potential of humanity. Intention within commitment is one of the great lesson I learned from SoG’s values and real developing experience into a influential social enterprise.

2. Appreciation for the opportunity to observe & enjoy

It has been a great offer for me to join some important meetings of SoG with their partners where I am involved as an observer. It is not easy just to catch up the flow of their discussion, let alone the intention of their critical interaction.

Everyone manifested their reframing skill that is to look at things from different perspective. For example, there was one big and crucial question: “How SoG see the relationship with Science Center” to clarify the collaborative contract of 2 sides. It requires mutual compassion to step into each other’s shoes to understand their role and purpose. While SoG can sense the need of customers in a potential market with a tremendous movement of STEM and edu 4.0, it’s the passion to spread their values and help those that are ready to take their help. Science Center can bring their valuable programs into this market through the consultancy and networking of SoG. This should be a win-win relationship in which both can earn benefits and productivity to grow together rather than limiting other’s freedom or commitment.


Intention is one of 6 attributes under 6C-Commitment. SoG team have thought long and hard about what actually increases commitment in people, and we found clarity of intention being one critical factor. In Theory U, Otto Scharmer said "Intention leads attention". Intention directs our energy and effort, and therefore, attract people, events of similar intentions or energy to us. The power of intention reflects the spiritual law of attraction "Once you made a decision, the Universe conspires to make it happen"

The mindset of helping people who are in a willing mind has been in my thoughts since Hai Yen told me her realization from some charity experience. That’s true. Don’t be so conservative and take your want to help as the priority when the help-receivers do not.

3. Aging is a natural & appreciative process

In the whole afternoon, my boss allowed me to explore Science Center to make the most of today. I did appreciate to be offered a chance to freely wander around & humbly engage in the center. Thus I need to make the most of the opportunity to learn. I will write another blog about this paradise place!

Here I would mention the most meaningful experience to me at SC that ‘s called “Dialogue with time”. The session with a message that move everyone to respect our aging and lead positive and healthy aging. This is not only normal exhibition of photos and videos but “Dialogue with time” includes real empathetic dialogues among visitors and vivid experience of aging. A kind man working on this session accompanied with our venture to see the passage of time and our awareness about aging in Singapore and in our life. He sincerely presented his lifestory in an authentic way that touched all audience and drove us into thoughts & share.

Reflecting on SoG’s value, being authentic with an open heart is one of the greatest way to connect people and open their heart.

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