A world where every individual is able to realize their full potential and contribute collaboratively to an inclusive and sustainable future.


    School of Gumption (SoG) is a certified social enterprise founded in Singapore. We develop youth and professionals around the world to be future ready and drive change with heart and entrepreneurial dare. We focus on three aspects of development:

    • Being: We focus on the deep personal mastery (6C: Calm, Compassion, Curiosity, Courage, Commitment and Collaboration) and the ability to navigate in complexity; 
    • Doing: We help people to learn the skills and strategies to leverage on exponential technologies to deploy towards the desired future; 
    • Eco-system: We support people to create a risk-taking culture and a collaborative ecosystem.

    When the imagination is unrestrained, hearts are open, and ideas can flourish; the wonders of the future will open up.


    Together we can create a huge positive impact on this world.


  • Our Learning Philosophy

    Learning through

    Future Creation and Active Inquiry

    Learning is deepened and enjoyed when it helps a learner to advance toward a personal aspired goal. And each personal goal reflects a learner’s values and believes in living a good life.



    Value Embodiment of 6C

    We build 6C values in our learners through languages, dialogues, reflections daily, because we learn values by hearing them from others, seeing others enacting the values, and over time, we unconsciously live, talk, act the values that we grow up with. The embodiment of values requires regular exposure to the environment and the culture ones live in, and the conscious intention to embrace these values as a way of being. Learning new values requires constant dance between our habitual self and our mindful self.

    Self-directed learning

    guided by the internal compass

    Each of us is created uniquely, with diverse talents, passions and roles in life. The best way for us to blossom into our full potential is to constantly navigate our life based on our internal compass: what do we do best? How do we learn best? How do we express ourselves the best? What do we care most?What types of activities do we lose ourselves in?

    Learning anytime, anywhere,

    from anyone and anything

    Learning happens all the time, through all of our senses. We learn from nature, we learn from one another, we learn from every existing feature of the environment around us. Intentional learning can happen even when there is no intentional teaching.


    Everyone can learn, and everyone can teach. We teach what we have learnt. Teaching deepens learning and is a learning process itself, because we have to find a way to clarify, express and communicate clearly what we need to teach.

    Learning with the intelligence of the head, heart and hand

    Human is created with intelligence embodied in every cell. To unleash human potential, it is time for us to activate the intelligence of the heart, head and hand in an integrated manner to truly harness the power of our collective creation.

  • Our Roadmap


    Gumption Project:

    In a Gumption Project, learners choose to participate in an act of creating, making or building something that is personally meaningful to them. Within the creative space offered by Gumption Project, ones are given ample opportunities and contexts to be curious, compassionate, courageous, calm, committed and collaborative throughout the journey.


    Learning Outcome:

    1. Inner transformation: personal growth through the cultivation of 6C Gumption values
    2. Outer transformation: organizational/social growth through social innovation prototype







  • Our Impact

    Societal Impact

    Tackling challenges related to UN Sustainable Development Goals for an inclusive future

    Personal Transformation

    Developing gumption and skills by integrating head, heart and hands to co-create impactful solution;




    Eco-system Building

    Building partnership and eco-system to unlock human potential enabled by technology

  • Our Team

    We believe in the power of gumption with growth and abundant mindset - Our team consists of individuals from different nationalities and professional backgrounds in education, social entrepreneurship, business, technology and wellness who are seeking to shape the future of learning. We also have a group of incredibly dedicated volunteers who bring their expertise and energy to advocate for life-long learning and inclusive society.

    Liu Yan

    Cofounder &

    Chief Impact Officer

    Liu Yan is an award-winning social entrepreneur who has been advocating the new way of working and learning since 2004. She established China’s first coworking center Xindanwei listed by Fastcompany as “The World’s Top 10 most innovative company in China”. She is part of the founding team of Xinchejian, the pioneer of Asia’s maker movement. Liu Yan is also the cofounder and chief curator of China Australian Millennium Project (C.A.M.P), a unique 100-day incubator program designed to train, mentor and empower emerging young Australian and Chinese leaders and entrepreneurs.

    Pham Hai Yen

    Cofounder &

    Program Director

    Haiyen has been a passionate educator, a secondary school teacher and an officer at Ministry of Education in the past 10 years. She was the Head Of Department of Craft & Technology and led curriculum and pedagogy design, Art, Design & Technology, Food & Nutrition before joining School of Gumption. Background in Electrical and Electronics Engineering with awarded ASEAN university scholarship, Haiyen's expertise and interests are among neuroscience of learning, Intrinsic motivation that drives human behaviour, multiple intelligences and how to unleash human potential and the role of emotion in human behaviour.

    Steven Lau

    Business Development Director

    Steven has been with the financial services industry since 1986, in both agency sales and management roles. He started with agency leadership training with Prudential in the corporate capacity from 2009. In 2014, Steven was appointed Head of Academy of Competence and Education (ACE) in Prudential, responsible for agency training and competence standards. In 2017, he moved on to agency development work for the top producers in Prudential. Steven was seconded to the School of Gumption under the Career Switch Programme initiative by Prudential. His passion for the development and well-being of the youths in Singapore is evidenced by his decision to join the School of Gumption under this initiative. Steven’s vast experience in sales, training and leadership management help us to sharpen our focus on the youth programme and support the engagement of all stakeholders.

    Jack Sim

    Cofounder/Board Member

    Jack Sim is a Distinguished Fellow at the GFCC and founder of the World Toilet Organization. He broke the taboo around toilets by bringing the sanitation crisis to the global media spotlight in 2001, and has since mobilised a global movement involving governments, policy makers, United Nations agencies, international civil society, thought leaders and activists to work together in addressing the global sanitation crisis. Jack also founded Bottom of the Pyramid (BoP) Hub, a business-centric organisation using hybrid cross-sector collaborations to alleviate poverty sustainably through creating efficient BOP marketplace for the 4 billion poor.

    Luciana Ledesma

    Program Partner

    Luciana is our key program partner in Impact Scaling. She is ExO Coach, Trainer, Disruptor, Advisor, Speaker and Entrepreneur Founder of AIdragons, a technology and people’s transformation company that develops and promotes the emergence of technology use cases & businesses to create amazing opportunities for humanity; Chairwoman of AbundanceHub, an ExO initiative to "Replace Poverty with Sustainable Prosperity"; Set the foundations of Stanley Black and Decker's "Exponential Learning Unit"; Specialised in Machine Learning and Blockchain applications; Managed over 30 start-up cell teams; Helped global leaders acquire strategies, skills and mindset of future innovators

    Ben Chan

    Program Partner

    Dr. Ben Chan is our key program partner in tri-sector leadership collaboration. He is the director of Education Academy at United in Diversity Forum (UID), Indonesia. He is the local faculty in the MIT-IDEAS Indonesia Program. Prior to his present position in UID, he was lecturing on Entrepreneurship and Business Creation at the Singapore Management University. Ben is also the Executive Director of Singapore’s Young Entrepreneurship Center - a human-capital center where young entrepreneurs come to learn the software of commercial and social entrepreneurship.

    Roberto Fabbri

    Board Member/Advisor

    Having lived and worked in Asia for over 30 years, Roberto Fabbri has come to know and understand the Asian psyche. Roberto’s work has taken him around the world running various engineering and management projects.

    He has worked for and collaborated with different government bodies on numerous enterprises.

    Roberto has been conferred the title of Knight of the Republic of Italy twice. In 1995, he was awarded the Order of Merit of the Italian Republic (OMRI) in 2009 he was awarded the Order of the Star of Italy (OSSI).

    Donald Hansen


    Don is a retired IBM executive with over 30 years of global experience leading complex teams and acting as a change agent for multinational corporations. He has received many awards and accolades for ground breaking first-of-a-kind projects throughout his career; including the internet’s first secure electronic transaction (SET) implementation is Asia and, more recently, the first award of IBM Watson AI for banking.

    Since retiring Don has focused his attention on independent consulting projects, advising startups and angle investing.

    Nguyen Than Thuy Linh

    Associate in Vietnam

    Majoring in International Business Economics, Linh aspires to grow up as a social entrepreneur after engaging in her community projects and social experience. Linh was one of 3 Vietnamese students to be granted Scholarship from Oslo Metropolitan University and Kulturstudier (Norway): Studying Development Studies Course with Scandinavian students in Autumn 2018. With a passion of creating innovative changes in education in Vietnam, Linh are strongly inspired by School of Gumption’s values and missions.

    Charleston Nyam

    Community Outreach Advocate

    Charleston is an alumni of the Young South East Asian Leaders' Initiative. He has represented Singapore in the ASEAN Economic Community 2025 and the Protecting the Mekong Delta Environment Conference. He has also been specially handpicked by NTUitive to be part of the Overseas Entrepreneurship Program in China. As a Psychology student with a minor in Economics, Charleston hopes to fuse these school of thoughts to alleviate and resolve social issues through entrepreneurship.

    Ronald Van Den Hoff

    Senior Advisor

    Known as the founding father of Society 3.0, Ronald is the co-founder of CDEF Holding BV, a Holding company with a remarkable range of ventures operating on the disruptive intersection of the Hospitality Industry and the entrepreneurial world of Internet.

    CDEF incorporates ‘much discussed’, disruptive exponential formulas, like the co-working and meeting centers Seats2meet.com and the Society 3.0 Foundation.

    Seats2meet.com, with over 200 locations worldwide, has become an interactive breeding ground for entrepreneurship, inspiration, innovation, cross-linking and cross-pollination through collaboration facilitated by an in-house software called ‘The Serendipity Machine’.

  • Our Partners

    It is our deep privilege to have an opportunity to work with visionary, inspiring and future-oriented key partners to co-create systemic change in the future of learning.

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