Today's workspace is undergoing a radical transformation. Almost all the jobs are changing as people and workplaces must continually adapt to a constant flow of new technologies, new sources of information and new communication channels. Roughly two-thirds of the school kids today will end up doing work that has not been invented yet. Many jobs are disappearing as robots take over many tasks.


    Humans have spirituality, morals, ethics, aesthetics, philosophy and love. Our future competitiveness against robots lies in these human virtues. Our ability to care, love and imagine will allow us to continue to be masters of the robot and not their servants. For people to flourish in this rapidly changing society, the ability to think and act creatively and collaboratively is more important than ever before. Human values like compassion, curiosity, courage and calm have become the backbone of the continual change.

    School of Gumption is conceived with a vision of empowering individuals to collectively design sustainable solutions for their desired future through deep personal mastery and navigating complexities of the 21st century, supported by a learning community and a culture that encourage making changes and taking risks. We focus on:

    • Tackling challenges related to UN Sustainable Development Goals for an inclusive future;
    • Developing gumption and skills by integrating head, heart and hands to co-create impactful solution;
    • Building partnership and eco-system to unlock human potential enabled by technology 

    • We are driving the

      Education 4.0 movement

      Today, everything is accessible and everyone can invent. The only obstacles to our progress are our own convictions and beliefs, education 4.0 help people truly understand the possibility of these exponential technologies, where Imagination is unrestrained, ideas would flourish; the wonders of the future would open up, and we can create a huge positive impact on this world.

    • The roadmap of cultivating gumption


      Gumption Project:

      In a Gumption Project, learners choose to participate in an act of creating, making or building something that is personally meaningful to them. Within the creative space offered by Gumption Project, ones are given ample opportunities and contexts to be curious, compassionate, courageous, calm, committed and collaborative throughout the journey.


      Learning Outcome:

      1. Inner transformation: personal growth through the cultivation of 6C Gumption values
      2. Outer transformation: organizational/social growth through social innovation prototype







    • Our learning philosophy

      Learning through

      Future Creation and Active Inquiry

      Learning is deepened and enjoyed when it helps a learner to advance toward a personal aspired goal. And each personal goal reflects a learner’s values and believes in living a good life.



      Value Embodiment of 6C

      We build 6C values in our learners through languages, dialogues, reflections daily, because we learn values by hearing them from others, seeing others enacting the values, and over time, we unconsciously live, talk, act the values that we grow up with. The embodiment of values requires regular exposure to the environment and the culture ones live in, and the conscious intention to embrace these values as a way of being. Learning new values requires constant dance between our habitual self and our mindful self.

      Self-directed learning

      guided by the internal compass

      Each of us is created uniquely, with diverse talents, passions and roles in life. The best way for us to blossom into our full potential is to constantly navigate our life based on our internal compass: what do we do best? How do we learn best? How do we express ourselves the best? What do we care most?What types of activities do we lose ourselves in?

      Learning anytime, anywhere,

      from anyone and anything

      Learning happens all the time, through all of our senses. We learn from nature, we learn from one another, we learn from every existing feature of the environment around us. Intentional learning can happen even when there is no intentional teaching.


      Everyone can learn, and everyone can teach. We teach what we have learnt. Teaching deepens learning and is a learning process itself, because we have to find a way to clarify, express and communicate clearly what we need to teach.

      Learning with the intelligence of the head, heart and hand

      Human is created with intelligence embodied in every cell. To unleash human potential, it is time for us to activate the intelligence of the heart, head and hand in an integrated manner to truly harness the power of our collective creation.

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