We help youth create their desired futures


Building awareness about the wider world and playing an active role in the global community


Fostering skills required for innovation, including complex problem solving, analytical thinking, creativity and systems-analysis.


Developing emotional intelligence (i.e. empathy, cooperation, negotiation) through Gumption Leadership toolkit

Our mission

We develop youth and professionals to be future-ready and drive change with the heart and entrepreneurial dare.

Our vision

A world where every individual is able to realize their full potential and contribute collaboratively to an inclusive and sustainable future.


Learning through

Future Creation and Active Inquiry

Learning is deepened and enjoyed when it helps a learner to advance toward a personal aspired goal. We navigate through our learning process with questions to acquire new information, seek new answers and solutions. We learn the skills and the knowledge that can help us move closer to our desired future.

Value Embodiment of 6C

We nurture 6C values in our learners through intentional use of languages in our dialogues, reflections daily to build up a culture of 6C. The embodiment of values requires the conscious intention to embrace them as a way of being. Learning new values requires constant dance between our habitual self and our mindful self.

Self-directed learning with internal compass

Each of us is created uniquely, with diverse talents, passions and roles in life. The best way for us to blossom into our full potential is to constantly navigate our life based on our internal compass: How do we learn best? How do we express ourselves the best? What do we care most?What types of activities do we lose ourselves in?

Learning anytime, anywhere,

from anyone and anything

Learning happens all the time, through all senses. We learn from nature, from one another, from every existing feature of the environment around us. Everyone can learn, and everyone can teach. Teaching deepens learning and is a learning process itself, because we have to find a way to clarify, express and communicate clearly what we need to teach

Integrate the head, heart and hand

Learning happens the most when the head is ignited, the hand is engaged and the heard is inspired. Human is created with intelligence embodied in every cell. To unleash human potential, it is time for us to activate the intelligence of the heart, head and hand in an integrated manner to truly harness the power of our collective creation.